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Symbolic wedding in Sorrento

Symbolic wedding in Sorrento

Nataly and Igor
Chiostro San Francesco, Villa Astapiana
Number of guests:
19.000 euros
September 2017

Wedding in Sorrento

We started preparing for the wedding long (one and a half years), but we immediately decided that it would be a chamber wedding abroad in the circle of our closest friends and closest friends. We settled on Italy and decided that everything would be serious and real, with the official ceremony. At first, we communicated with many organizers at the same time, but it was Margarita who conquered us with her enthusiasm, tremendous energy and love for her work. She instantly sent many options and suggestions to any of our requests, we communicated constantly, 24/7, endlessly discussed scenarios and thought out various ideas for our future wedding.

It is very difficult to overestimate the role of WedPlace in creating our wedding: without them, there would be nothing J Margarita prepared and did everything from A to Z: from choosing and booking the wedding venue to solving our endless problems with documents (seriously, self-drafting documents for ceremonies not for impressionable brides and grooms).

In fact, it is very exciting to plan a wedding at a distance when you cannot see everything with your own eyes, but only in photographs. We are very worried that when we see everything ourselves, it will not be the way we imagined. But our expectations were not something that came true, everything was even a thousand times better than we thought! This atmosphere of Italy, the villa where our wedding took place, is impossible to convey. Our wedding day was a real fairy tale in reality, as in childhood dreams. It was really only our day: we enjoyed it every minute, not thinking about anything, except how happy we were to be here and now! All day Margarita and the team made sure that not a single problem and not a single question distracted us from the holiday.

Our wedding lasted four days in a medieval villa with the atmosphere and spirit of this non-tourist Italy. And these were the most unforgettable and happy memories in our life!

Margarita also selected the coolest and talented contractors for us. Special thanks I would like to express:

  • our translator Elena for helping tame recalcitrant Italian servants of the prefecture;
  • to the photographer Anya for making out of two people who can't make photos of real models;
  • to stylist Ole for impeccable durable make-up and romantic image;
  • decorator Olesya, that she guessed all our desires and brought them to life.

Our preparation lasted for a year and a half, but flew by like a flash. We will miss our correspondence with Margarita, the choice of the palette, the dress and the taste of the wedding cake. It is a pity that everything ended so quickly!