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Your ideal italian wedding

Ischia and Capri: wedding on an Italian island

Do you dream of a romantic wedding on an island, washed by the warm sea, surrounded by exotic plants?

Capri or Ischia wedding is sure to make your dream come true.

A small romantic or grand classic white ceremony on an Italian island with a view of the sea and the heavenly nature: what else is there to be desired? 

Capri Wedding

   They say if you wed on Capri you wed in heaven, as the small island of Capri is often called “heaven on Earth” for its picturesque rocks covered by the bright verdure of vineyards and flowers.

   No wonder there is so much admiration about this fairytale island with its majestic mountains and the cloudless deep sky that looks into the crystal turquoise sea created by the gods for a life full of relaxation and bliss. And for a perfect wedding.

   Thanks to the divine beauty of its natural landscapes, Capri has been considered a popular resort since the times of the Roman Empire. Emperors and patricians erected magnificent villas and palaces. The fragments and remains of the Roman architecture still attract millions of tourists from around the world.

   Capri is where famous writers, artists, musicians and architects found inspiration for their creative work. Oscar Wilde, F. Mendelson, Richard Wagner, I. Aivasovsky, Ivan Bunin, I. Turgenev, Peter Tchaikovsky, Pablo Neruda, Alexander Dumas used to live on Capri for some time. Following the example of the ancient Romans, modern celebrities choose Capri to settle in their villas and mansions: Sophia Loren, Milla Jovovich, Robert De Niro, fashion designers Dolce&Gabbana are among those enjoying life on this wonderful Italian island. If you marry on Capri, you will join the elite company of Hollywood stars who choose to live in this magnificent part of Italy.

   Narrow little streets, the scent of flowers and citrus trees, divine Augustus gardens and the majestic sea views are going to work as a perfect frame for your Caprpi wedding and provide an opportunity for a remarkable photoshoot.

   Traffic is very low on Capri with very few vehicles, so you will be able to enjoy unbelievably fresh clean air with the aroma of bougainvillea and oleander.

   Capri wedding banquets and receptions are famous for their chic and exquisite cuisine. Chefs skillfully combine various kinds of seafood caught by local fishers at the island’s shore.

   An old legend says that a kiss under the famous Faraglioni arch, while on a sea boat tour round the island of Capri, will guarantee to the newlyweds a long and happy marriage.

A wedding on Capri is sure to be romantic and memorable, and your happy union is going to be bound not only by wedding rings but also by the sea breeze…


Ischia Wedding

   Evergreen Ischia is one of the most picturesque islands of the Mediterranean region. Have your Ischia wedding at a popular resort, known as an island of youth and beauty, famous for its thermal spa baths from the antique times.

   Ischia’s Poseidon Thermal Gardens are the eighth wonder of the world and are part of UNESCO heritage.

Away from the hustle and stress of your everyday routines, Ischia is the place to spend a memorable relaxing honeymoon.

   Your Ischia wedding dinner is going to be an exclusive feast with plenty of traditional dishes and delicacies thanks to exceptional Ischia cuisine rich in fish and seafood.

   Crystal clear tender sea, pine groves, vineyards and amazing mountain landscapes serve a perfect background for your wedding photos. If your dream is a medieval castle wedding, Ischia is here to give you such an opportunity.

   This ancient island has rich history and culture. The famous Aragonese Castle built in the 5th century is the ideal Ischia wedding venue. Unique, breathtaking panoramic views from its ancient walls and the shining sea will turn your wedding into a real fairy tale.

   Ischia island is famous for its beautiful sand beaches, so if you fancy exchanging your wedding vows and rings at the seaside in a most romantic atmosphere, we are here to make your wishes come true.

   A pure sea, magnificent mountain scenery and the fragrance of flowers from inimitable decoration for any wedding Here, far from the bustle and stress of everyday life you can have an unforgettable Ischia wedding and honeymoon full of relaxation.


Plan your Capri or Ischia wedding with Nature Grace Eventi


   Unlike the majority of wedding agencies, “Nature Grace Eventi” is based in Italy all year round. We not only work here, but live here too, so we are well informed about all the latest novelties, fashions, prices and offers on everything in the wedding industry. Read more about how we work with you

   Weddings in Capri or Ischia, arranged by Nature Grace, are always exclusive for the ideas and spots we use to make your celebration unique.


Nature Grace Eventi will help to organise a wedding,

and your memories of this event will live in your hearts forever.



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