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Your ideal italian wedding

Our services

To organize your perfect wedding and provide a high-quality service,
we offer you full assistance at every stage
of its preparation.

Communication with the wedding planner 24/7. Together we choose the most convenient and most comfortable type of communication for you.
Communication with the wedding planner 24/7. Together we choose the most convenient and most comfortable type of communication for you.
Selection of locations throughout Italy with the maximum consideration of your wishes and budget. Consultations and assistance in booking venues for:
  • - holding a wedding ceremony and a reception;
  • - accommodation for you and your guests.
Booking and full negotiation with selected locations on behalf of you and in your interests (signing the contract, order of the day, help in choosing a menu).
budget planning
Complete wedding budget management and tracking of all payments. For each couple, all wedding payment documents available online - dates and deadlines for sending payments, confirmations on receipt, etc.
budget planning
Advice and assistance in choosing a decor concept that will be reflect all your ideas and emphasize the beauty and style of the chosen venues..
Selection of the best wedding vendors (photographers, videographers, catering, musicians, florists, stylist, etc.). We work with the most reliable and trusted professionals and will offer: You have a whole list to choose from - by cost, style, etc.
Full management of all negotiations with selected vendors. We will help to conclude an agreement with them and prepare for each of them a separate action plan regardingon the wedding day.
Coordination of all vendors on the wedding day (observing timeline, solving unforeseen situations, control over the fulfillment by vendors of all obligations – from florists to restaurant waiters).
We take control of everything that has the least something to do with your wedding: let's not forget steaming the pyjamas for the morning of the bride; making sure that the stylist has all the necessary adapters;, we’ll organize video broadcasting with guests who were not able to not attend, etc
Preparation of the program and timeline of the wedding day (for you and for guests). There is noted all the important details, recommendations and the necessary contacts for every moment of the wedding day- starting from the bride gettings ready and ending with a salute.
paper work
Consultations on the preparation of all necessary documents for civil marriage.
Negotiating with the city municipality, booking date and time of marriage, payment of fees. Escort of the young people for signing a wedding declaration a few days before the wedding, translation services and provision of witnesses (if necessary). Holding of the ceremony, provision of a wedding certificate.
paper work
Online wedding planning. You will have access to all wedding documents - estimates, timings, guest list (including selected menu and possible allergies), important details, etc. At any time you can keep track of all changes and updates in an understandable checklist - what has been done;, what is in progress. Not one important point will be left without attention.
Transport, selection of all transfers, booking and coordination on the wedding day. We will advise from your experience how best to organize all the movements for you and your guests.
pre/after wedding
Planning and coordination


How is everything going to be on my wedding day?


  • You check in to the hotel or villa reserved in advance. Your manager will stay in contact with you all the time, so as to, solve any questions which may arise.
  • We will rehearse the wedding program together on the site and once again we will talk through all the details.
  • Check if everything is ready for the most exciting event of your life (flowers, transport, preparation of the bride etc.).
  • After the final discussion of all the issues, You pay the remaining part of the contract price.
  • On the day of the wedding, you are assured of the perfect organization and fulfillment of all our obligations.
  • You will only have to enjoy the magical atmosphere of the holiday and receive unforgettable emotions!



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