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Between heaven and earth: a romantic ceremony in the Dolomites

Emerald Lake Braies, surrounded by the majestic Dolomites, is one of the most beautiful and charming places in Italy. It was this ideal corner of nature that Olga and Aleksey chose for their romantic wedding ceremony, a place where only the mountain peaks and the mirror-like water surface witnessed their happiness.

The Couple’s story

I studied at the institute, and Lesha worked there too. One day he went to the auditorium, where, as part of teaching practice, I led a lesson with junior students. According to him, he had already paid attention to me, but I don’t remember this at all. The second time we met was by chance a year and a half later at my college graduation; only this time I approached him first. And what’s more, we did not part.
In our relationship, there was a special affection and concern for each other; we increasingly talked about the family, made joint plans for the future ... Honestly, the offer was long-awaited.

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Lesha made this important step on my birthday. We had dinner at a hotel in the country, in a tiny secluded gazebo of a restaurant on the river bank. Garlands are burning, music is playing, we are talking about something ... Then he kneels on one knee, like a real knight ... I was happy that I heard the most important words from him; he was happy that he had finally decided to pronounce them, and everything went well :)

Wedding preparations

Six months later, we began preparing for the wedding. The date was appointed exactly on the fourth anniversary of our acquaintance. I do not remember who first spoke it out loud, but we decided to have the wedding in Italy, in the Dolomites. It seems to me that we could well say it with one voice, because we are in love with this country and these mountains. Our first trip together was just for the Dolomites. One of the following too. Like the wedding ...
At first, I attempted to organize everything on my own, but in the end I realized that it would be much more effective if I left everything in the hands of professionals.
Almost immediately, we found a terrific organizer who endeared herself to us, and who, we had no doubt, would help us. All preparation was easy and stress free. I was joking that I was the wrong bride, because I don’t worry at all. I do not call at two o'clock in the morning to the organizers and contractors and do not require a thousand white rabbits in the registration area :) Our wedding fairy picked up amazing contractors!

Wedding concept

We wanted to fasten our feelings in maximum unity with nature - as if there was only sky, earth, mountains and ourselves.
With the help of the organizer and decorators, we created the ideal concept for our wedding day and decided that we would spend the morning on the shores of the fantastic Lake Braies, and then move to the top of the mountain - closer to the sky, where we would exchange vows on a cloud of flowers.
We chose a place for the ceremony with special care - we had previously visited many places and meadows, and as a result we stopped at Passo Gardena with its enchanting views of both the mountain ranges and the green plains.

Images of the bride and groom

For the wedding ceremony, I chose a romantic and natural look - a light airy dress, a hairstyle with a hint of negligence, natural makeup and a bouquet with wildflowers.
Lesha had jeans, a linen shirt and a waistcoat - in the style of the entire wedding, but at the same time courageous and effective.

Wedding day

We spent the morning photo session in a very picturesque hut on the shore of Lake Braies, where I, in a knitted dress and furs, tried on jewelry made from natural materials, admired the reflections in the vintage mirror and tried not to freeze. Despite the fact that it was the height of the Italian summer, it was very cold in the mountains in the morning. But this did not stop me and later I was already walking barefoot on the beach, touching the water and enjoying nature. I was still calm, but just as the time had come for the first meeting with Lesha on the beach of the lake ... My legs trembled and it seemed that the sound of my heart could be heard by everything around me.
At the moment of the first meeting, all our emotions were ignited in a flash. I could not hold back the tears, hugged him tightly and was happy!
After our touching reunion, we set off to fulfill our dream - a wedding ceremony in the mountains near the sky. The pass was incredibly beautiful: the clouds clung to the rocks and created an amazing atmosphere. They were organically supplemented by clouds of white flowers recreated by decorators, which served us as a very unusual arch - a place where we exchanged vows written on handmade parchment. For us it was the most unforgettable moment. The ceremony continued with a cozy and colorful picnic from local produce on the top of the mountain, which was the best completion to this perfect day.

Advice from a couple

1. Try to relax on your wedding day and really relax, and not worry that something will be wrong or at the wrong time. We did so and completely devoted ourselves to each other and our feelings.
2. If you are still thinking whether you need an organizer or not, I will definitely tell you: you need one! After all, on such an important day, x.

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Natali & Igor

"Our Italian fairy tale"

We started preparing for the wedding long (one and a half years), but we immediately decided that it would be a chamber wedding abroad in the circle of our closest friends and closest friends. We settled on Italy and decided that everything would be serious and real, with the official ceremony. At first, we communicated with many organizers at the same time, but it was Margarita who conquered us with her enthusiasm, tremendous energy and love for her work. She instantly sent many options and suggestions to any of our requests, we communicated constantly, 24/7, endlessly discussed scenarios and thought out various ideas for our future wedding.

It is very difficult to overestimate the role of WedPlace in creating our wedding: without them, there would be nothing J Margarita prepared and did everything from A to Z: from choosing and booking the wedding venue to solving our endless problems with documents (seriously, self-drafting documents for ceremonies not for impressionable brides and grooms).

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In fact, it is very exciting to plan a wedding at a distance when you cannot see everything with your own eyes, but only in photographs. We are very worried that when we see everything ourselves, it will not be the way we imagined. But our expectations were not something that came true, everything was even a thousand times better than we thought! This atmosphere of Italy, the villa where our wedding took place, is impossible to convey. Our wedding day was a real fairy tale in reality, as in childhood dreams. It was really only our day: we enjoyed it every minute, not thinking about anything, except how happy we were to be here and now! All day Margarita and the team made sure that not a single problem and not a single question distracted us from the holiday.

Our wedding lasted four days in a medieval villa with the atmosphere and spirit of this non-tourist Italy. And these were the most unforgettable and happy memories in our life!

Margarita also selected the coolest and talented contractors for us. Special thanks I would like to express:
- our translator Elena for helping tame recalcitrant Italian servants of the prefecture
- to the photographer Anya for making out of two people who can't make photos of real models
- to stylist Ole for impeccable durable make-up and romantic image
- decorator Olesya, that she guessed all our desires and brought them to life

Our preparation lasted for a year and a half, but flew by like a flash. We will miss our correspondence with Margarita, the choice of the palette, the dress and the taste of the wedding cake. It is a pity that everything ended so quickly!

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Oleg & Maria

Remembering the Amalfi Coast ... August 22, 2017.

Dear Margarita!

We want to thank you for organizing the wedding of our dreams. This could be the end ... After all, it is very difficult to find words of gratitude for everything you have done for us.

You understood all our wishes from a half-word, gave wonderful advice, guided us and helped us in the difficult choice of both minor trifles and the most important things that make up our celebration.

Thank you for your patience and responsiveness, for understanding our excitement and moral support ... For your smile and for creating a truly Italian atmosphere and a fabulous day!

Thanks to you and your incredible team of stylists, photographers, decorators and everyone who took part in making this day unforgettable for us ... it will remain in our memory for a long and happy life.

Thank you so much, WedPlace!



Gianna & Nikita

We set off to prepare our September wedding in January, enthusiastically thinking of ourselves as seasoned travelers. Say, what is so difficult in finding a site, catering and musicians and arranging them all together, even if from Moscow? But we failed with our very first steps – it turned out second to impossible to remotely put all the different Italian professionals together, let alone to answer our confused questions from some distant and obscure Nordic country. It was becoming clear that we cannot go without some assistance. After a careful study, we picked WedPlace agency. The puzzle was assembled quickly – an area of magic beauty, a small yet excellent choice of sites, and the wonderful Margarita. Totally unobtrusive, very comfortable in the best sense of the word, she did not actually “sell” but was always helpful in case of doubts, did not bother us with excessive communication, still she answered any question at any time of the day. She was honest as to what she can or cannot do, and what she deemed a good idea or not.

All the six months of preparations we kind of doubted whether the whole idea makes sense. But the great experience we took with our closest people turned out to be worth every penny and minute spent, with all the hassle and the number of alternatives.

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For the ceremony we picked villa Eva on the mountain top of Ravello. From its rooftop there is a clear view of entire rocky Amalfi coast with its road spirals and strikingly turquoise sea.

The villa’s coordinator – a small dainty Italian belle – turned out to be a super professional. Two days before the wedding she insisted on going through a huge meticulous checklist not to overlook a single detail. With all her work together with Margarita and her team all I had to do was to get myself ready and … talk the groom into a photo shoot. To think of all the work and professionalism behind all of this!

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