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   Proceedings for civil wedding in Italy have their own peculiarities, but none of them is too complicated to meet. The ceremony must take place at officially approved locations, which are usually historical town halls, and occasionally some villa or a museum. For instance, it is possible to hold a civil ceremony at Sala Rossa in Florence, or in some historic building on Amalfi coast, on a balcony overlooking the magnificent Mediterranean Sea. A list of such recognized locations can be obtained from your wedding planner or directly from local municipalities.

Check the list of our sites for civil ceremony on Amalfi and Sorrento coasts

   Since Italian cities are known over the world for their architectural loftiness and luxurious Mediterranean vegetation, the municipalities are in constant competition of who provides most stunning wedding locations, so there is always a wide choice of both well-known sites and wonderful newly set venues.

   Although you don’t have to be an Italian citizen to get married in Italy, but under the law the ceremony is conducted in Italian language by the Mayor of the locality, or his substitute. It is usually accepted if you would like to enhance the ceremony with your own additions, such as personalized vows or readings, flower decorations, as well as some specific music, as opposed to a Catholic wedding in church, where only sacred music and precise rites are allowed. The whole ceremony usually lasts for about half an hour.

   Two witnesses have to be present at the ceremony, the only requirement being that they should be over 18. Some Italian jurisdictions require that you sign a sworn statement a day or two before the wedding, and a statement of no predicament for a marriage (“Nulla osta al matrimonio“) should always be presented.

   However, if you plan to get civilly married in Italy, then you have to bear in mind that just as Italian dialects differ so much that a native of Venice barely understands someone who spent all his life in Rome, so formal procedures vary widely in various regions and cities. No wonder that you cannot know the exact procedure and ceremony details without picking the site first. Also, most churches do complete the civil formalities themselves, while some just give a religious blessing. The best practice should be to assign all the legal workings to your wedding agent, or at least to establish a connection between the wedding agent and an Italian-based legal practice that you can easily trust.

   Besides, each citizenship and jurisdiction has its own set of formalities to be met for a properly recognized marriage abroad.  If you and your partner have different citizenship, then the legal part gets even more complicated, naturally. Again, a trusted Italian law office or a specific part of the contract with your wedding planner should be your best choice to guarantee a proper and secure legal backing of your Italian wedding, so that not a single spot would tarnish your enjoyable festive experience.


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