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Positano is a small charming town in Amalfi Coast enchanting everyone with its beauty and magic atmosphere. Any Positano wedding may become the most memorable event to stay with you and your future children for many years.

Positano wedding in Amalfi Coast

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   Positano is a small charming town in Amalfi Coast enchanting everyone with its beauty and magic atmosphere. Any Positano wedding may become the most memorable event to stay with you and your future children for many years.

   This small town in the South of Italy has a fairytale atmosphere for its narrow streets, gardens and even the roofs of the houses run in the verdure of Mediterranean plants. Coloured houses stacked together on the high mountainsides go down to the azure sea. Getting married in Positano you get the most magnificent photos and colourful impressions of your wedding day.

   Positano is one of the most ancient cities on the Appennine peninsula. According to the legends, the god Poseidon founded this city for his beloved Pazitea.


Positano historic beauty – a perfect background for your wedding

   Positano wedding venues are various and numerous. No wonder, as this is a historic sight famous from the very beginning of the millennium. In the 1st century A.D. there were luxury stone villas all in and around Positano. The original Roman architecture and beautiful nature attracted the rich and the famous from all over the Roman Empire. Wealthy traders and Roman patricians enjoyed the local landscapes and the sea breeze.

   Since the ancient times the magnifying beauty of Positano town has been attracting creative people, artists, musicians and writers from all over the world. Picasso, Stravinskiy, Geffirelli and Steinbeck came here often. At the beginning of the last century, Positano became a mecca for artists of ballet – Maysin and Russian dancer Nureyev. The latter fell in love with this land and bought a mystic Li Galli isle that lies across from the town shore, where, as the legend goes, sirens failed to seduce Odysseus the Cunning.

   Thanks to its romantic atmosphere, Positano has become one of the most fashionable places for wedding ceremonies not just in Italy but throughout the world!


Getting married in Positano, Italy

     Getting married in Positano you get closer not only to the immortal ancient glory but also to the bustling fashion of  the present day sea resort. Just imagine that your marriage could take place in the most fashionable Italian wedding  venue, often visited not only by wealthy Italians but also by the foreign beau monde. Positano is the place where  Sharon Stone, Madonna, Oprah Winfrey, Pedro Almodovar and Robert Powell relax in their private villas, enjoying the  unique atmosphere, secluded peacefulness combined with top-class service of Positano restaurants and hotels.

    Fascinating views on the sea gulf, medieval streets and luxurious exotic flowers, growing here really everywhere, will  become amazing decorations for your wedding and give you a unique chance to enjoy an unforgettable photo session in Positano.

    After the wedding, you will be able to enjoy the inimitable beauty of Positano: enjoy the evening walks along  winding streets, having rest on the terraces in the shadow of blooming lemon and orange trees, tasting local cuisine in  one of the numerous restaurants of the town.

    Visit the Roman church of the 13th century Santa-Maria Assunta (Cattedrale di Santa Maria Assunta), serving the  symbol of the town for centuries. It rises above the town standing out among other buildings due to its majolica-tiled  dome. The altar of the Church is famous for its ancient Black Madonna miraculous icon brought by the sea to the  shore ages ago, as the tale goes. Since then Black Madonna has been patroness of Positano.

 Do you think that a wedding in Positano is an unrealistic dream?

Come over here to this magic town, and we will be happy to turn it into reality!


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