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Wedding Photography in Italy with WEDPLACE

  You are going to have a wedding in Italy. Dreaming about an ideal wedding day and ideal photos or videos. You would like to have photography that would safely fix every solemn and unique moment of the memorable event.

  You would like to have photos beautifully presenting your splendor, keeping alive all emotions and the whole atmosphere of the day, help you live through the magic of the wedding once and again in the future.  The finest impressions of the wedding, captured by photo or video camera, should be not just beautiful pictures, but masterpieces of the highest quality, made by a professional.

  Dolce Vita offers you the service of a professional photographer and videographer, who would seize your happiness, bottle your tears and smiles, your love and tenderness to let you have them at hand when you decide to live through it with your beloved one.

How to choose a wedding photographer

   Before you decide on a wedding photography provider, consider your budget and the artistic style you prefer. There are a lot of wedding photography and videography types and styles and every photographer has their own view of a wedding. Whether it is documentary, or portraiture, or fine art – many photographers having their own preferences are able to mix various types, blend styles, and produce a mixture of black-and-white and color images. Still, if there is a special style you love, make sure to focus on choosing photographers who specialize in it instead of dictating a specialist what and how to shoot at your wedding.  It is important to order photographers’ service in advance: it might be very disappointing if the photographer you like most would be already booked on the day of your wedding.

We would be happy to offer you a choice of our best photo and videographers with unique artistic style and quality equipment.

WEDPLACE wedding photographers and videographers

  • Our camera specialists are highly professional and skillful. What is also very important, they are experienced in working with most demanding clients and with clients who hate being taken photos of! Many people might think they are not photogenic or they do not look well enough in a photo or video. Our photographers will help them feel relaxed and enjoy the shootings: this is crucial for having good photos!  
  • They are all specialists in wedding photography. They will know what happens and how it all goes on a wedding day, when, who and how to shoot, and how to behave during the ceremony and the reception, so that not to interfere with the process. 
  • Our photographers know the best spots for shoots. They will take you down the ancient streets to the picturesque and original nooks and spots of the town to take beautiful photos. Romantic streets, towers, castles and other Italian architectural peculiarities are to become and ideal background for your wedding photos. Your wedding album is sure to stay with you for life, to be proudly shown to your kids and grandchildren…
  • Our camera specialists offer you many fresh ideas for a shoot, an original scenario with an individual story of your couple.
  • You can have convenient terms as to the number of hours, starting and finishing times of photoshoots, but the minimum 5-hour shoot is a must, if you want to get quality and beautiful photos of various types.
  • We would be glad to offer our photographers’ service for pre- and after wedding if you decide to capture your wedding preparations or your happy honeymoon in Italy.

One more piece of advice for the bride and groom: wedding photography and videography are not things to save money on.

Your wedding is just one or two days, but the photos will stay with you for many years!  Cheap photography can spoil the whole thing, so don’t be thrifty, be reasonable.