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Wedding of Dennis and Oksana in Sorrento

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Photo by Andrew Lixosherstov


Review of Oksana and Denis

Dennis and Oksana married in Sorrento in October 2013 – their symbolic wedding and restaurant wedding reception took place in San Francesco. Getting married in Amalfi Italy is sure to stay in your memories and photos for the rest of your happy life; it is the best beginning for a successful marriage.

We dreamt of getting married in beautiful and beloved Italy but could not decide for a long time where exactly. After considering numerous options, we decided to trust the advice of our Italian wedding planner and spend our holiday in the magnificent town of Sorrento.

When we arrived at Sorrento, we at once understood that our choice was no mistake. The town is a paradise, as if created especially for our wedding.

We want to thank Helena from our heart for her work, for the organisation and conducting of the ceremony, which took place in an ancient, 13th Century court.Everything was as we had dreamt and at some moments it even exceeded our expectations. Our guests and we were delighted with everything, with the Italian hospitality, the beauty of our surroundings and of course our delicious Italian dinner. We would like to wish you success in your creative work and good luck in this difficult job.

Thank you again for helping us to make our wedding dream come true with such understanding and professionalism.

Oksana and Dennis

Dolce Vita helped Dennis and Oksana to get married in Sorrento

That sunny day of Dennis and Oksana’s wedding still stands vivid in our memories. They got married in October 2013 in beautiful Sorrento, a magic town in the south of Italy.

Symbolic wedding of this wonderful couple took place in the heart of the town – in the yard of ancient San Francesco monastery built in 13th century, one of the most popular wedding venues among domestic and foreign couples-to-be. Oksana and Dennis wanted to feel at its full the Italian atmosphere so they asked to have the symbolic ceremony in Italian lanugage.

Under the archways of the ancient monastery among the vivid greenery, the magnificent sounds of harp created the magic atmosphere of a solemn wedding ceremony.  The newlyweds left the venue in an luxurious Bentley (which they had long dreamed of!) to drive through the town and the neighborhood, walk the narrow beautiful streets down the stairs to the seafront, take photos against the white yachts and speed boats. 

Southern Italians are a very hospitable people – they saluted the couple and congratulated them on their wedding, wishing them long and happy family life.  Our newlyweds felt as if they were famous celebrities – passers-by took photos of them and wished them luck. 

The dinner was laid in one of the historical places of the town, famous not only for its refined Mediterranean cuisine but also for its Caruso museum! The director of the restaurant, Paolo, established on his own a museum about his favorite tenor, who himself would often dine at this remarkable place when visiting Sorrento. 

Dennis and Oksana performed their first dance and gained the loudest applause! The guests admired the most tasteful Neapolitan dishes.   

The musicians played the guitar and mandolins, sang famous Napoli masterpieces, and guest would sing along with Italian songs and then dance to the music. An amazing wedding cake and biscuits by the best confectioner in town were brought in to complete the wonderful party.

The wedding reception was soon over, the personnel of the restaurant gathered to see the newlyweds and their guests off. The memorable day was full of emotions, happiness, love and admiration, and such was the end of the wonderful party.