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Amalfi wedding

Amalfi wedding with WEDPLACE is a perfect chance to have your most amazing dreams come true.

Adelia and Ruslan wedding in Amalfi coast

  A legend goes, Hercules created the town as a sign of his endless love for the wonderful nymph Amalfi. If you have ever dreamt of a wedding with Italian traditions, then the beautiful, romantic, ancient Italian town of Amalfi sitting in the heart of Amalfi coast is the best option for you! An ideal wedding in the town of eternal spring, generously giving to lovers its tender sunshine and the bright blue sky all year round. Lush greenery, lemon trees in the narrow streets and bougainvillea everywhere on stairs and roofs of the houses. 

   The heart of Amalfi - a wonderful, ancient cathedral built in IX century, - is still keeping the relics of Andrew the Apostle. The Cathedral was rebuild several times, and now offers the visitors a charming mix of Byzantium, Arab, Roman and Norman style.  An imposing staircase takes the visitors to the entrance of the dome, and serves the wonderful background for your wedding photoshoot.   

   Breathtaking scenery for your wedding photos include the clear sea and the famous Amalfi terraces with steps cut in the rock, connecting white houses to each other. The goodwill of the local population will fill you with positive emotions and a joyful mood. The locals are devoted keepers of the architectural and natural heritage, they know a lot of stories about their native land and are always ready to share them with you.

  The main decoration of your holiday is the clear blue sea, and, according to local beliefs, it strengthens the union and preserves the love of the newlyweds if they marry near its welcoming waters. The Amalfi coast, recognized as a UNESCO heritage site, is the ideal place for the fairytale ceremony that will give you an incomparable experience and memories for the rest of your life.


Your wedding planning agency in Amalfi - WEDPLACE

   Amalfi wedding and honeymoon are going to be a success with WEDPLACE planning agency: we help you organise a wedding with genuine Italian chic for a modest sum of money. WEDPLACE is resident of Amalfi and works all year round to make your wedding dreams a reality. As we live and work here, our team is very well informed about all the latest venues, novelties, fashions, prices and offers on everything in the wedding industry. Read more about how we work with you


Amalfi Weddings in Italy, arranged by WEDPLACE, are always exclusive as we offer you ideas and venues that will make your celebration unique. WEDPLACE is here for you to organise a wedding, for you to enjoy your event and have your memories live in your hearts forever.


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