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Your ideal italian wedding

Are you in love with Italy and dream of a romantic wedding in this fantasy land?

So, what’s stopping you? Maybe, it’s just the money that is the issue? Does this really mean that you have to give up your dream? Or maybe you should cut on the number of closest friends to invite? There must be a way around.

So, what can you do to reduce the cost of your Italian wedding?

Can there be any doubt that no other country hosts such an abundance of magnificent cathedrals and historic churches as Italy? Of course not, and for a reason - it is not just a Catholic country, it is the cradle of Catholicism, its birthplace and center, both majestic and charming. Famous also for its long-lasting architectural traditions, with generations of ingenious masters adding to the beauty of countryside and cities, the Italy provides an amazing selection of sites for your unforgettable Italian Catholic wedding.

Amalfi wedding with WEDPLACE is a perfect chance to have your most amazing dreams come true. A legend goes, Hercules created the town as a sign of his endless love for the wonderful nymph Amalfi.

If you have ever dreamt of a wedding with Italian traditions, then the beautiful, romantic, ancient Italian town of Amalfi sitting in the heart of Amalfi coast is the best option for you!

Planning a Sorrento wedding? Sorrento and the sea play a perfect background for any photos thanks to the bright colors, picturesque mountains and lush greenery. Wonderful sunny weather and welcoming locals will bless your wedding with warmth and positive cheerful atmosphere.

You will need a photographer, and we are always ready to offer you our top professionals.

Positano is a small charming town in Amalfi Coast enchanting everyone with its beauty and magic atmosphere. Any Positano wedding may become the most memorable event to stay with you and your future children for many years.

The Amalfi coast is known as an earthly paradise, and the small town of Ravello is the heart of it. The noble families of Amalfi, who built their villas here, high and safe in the mountains, to hide away from the invading barbarians, founded the town in the 9th Century AD.

Ravello Wedding will become the most memorable day in your life if you decide on this beautiful Italian place to form your happy union, be it symbolic or civil wedding. Amalfi coast offers many pearls among its towns and places and Ravello is definitely one of the best for a marriage ceremony and a honeymoon.


Dennis and Oksana married in Sorrento in October 2013 – their symbolic wedding and restaurant wedding reception took place in San Francesco. Getting married in Amalfi Italy is sure to stay in your memories and photos for the rest of your happy life; it is the best beginning for a successful marriage.

You are going to have a wedding in Italy. Dreaming about an ideal wedding day and ideal photos or videos. You would like to have photography that would safely fix every solemn and unique moment of the memorable event.