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Budget wedding ideas with Nature Grace

  Are you in love with Italy and dream of a romantic wedding in this fantasy land? So, what’s stopping you? Maybe, it’s just the money that is the issue? Does this really mean that you have to give up your dream? Or maybe you should cut on the number of closest friends to invite? There must be a way around.

So, what can you do to reduce the cost of your Italian wedding?

Here are some easy tricks that will definitely help you out.

1) Timing.

Summer weddings are of course most fabulous, but the accommodation costs and banquet hall rent will be considerably higher than those in spring, winter or late autumn. So selecting your wedding date somewhere between October 1st and May 15th will heftily cut the mentioned expenditures.

2) The stylist.

Unfortunately, this kind of services is pretty expensive in Italy. And of course, as everywhere else, the magic word “wedding” switches on the “prices multiply by 10” mode with everyone, including the beauty industry masters. If you cannot afford a 400 Euro bill to have your hair dyed and styled by a visiting master in the hotel, there is still no cause to panic. You can attend some local beauty parlor. Just fail to mention that it’s your wedding day and you are the bride. It’s that easy. The cost of a regular wedding hairstyling will be as little as 40 to 60 Euros, and it will be of exactly the same quality that the same stylist would do if he visits you in the hotel on your announced wedding day. An extra small trick will help you as well: to make the communication with local stylists easy, be ready to show them a photo of your preferred hairstyle on your mobile phone, or get a printed picture ready.

3) The photo shoot.

It’s never easy to find a proper photographer, and it is well known that really good professionals cost really good money. Is there any trick as well? Of course. Lots of photographers from all over the world write us about their desire to have a chance for their first photo trip to Italy, and they will be all too happy to work for your wedding for very reasonable rates.

4) Decoration.

Our rich experience shows that you can create excellent decorations for your wedding with your own hands! The only condition is some free time, and if you can afford it - take on, it is a fascinating process in itself, believe us! There is a variety of styles – rustic, botanic, sea etc – that suit such endeavors perfectly. And it is not that difficult, say, to collect or buy plenty of beautiful seashells and decorate wedding cards or seating plan with them. The key is to decide upon the style of the celebration and abide by it in each and every detail.

5) Natural flowers.

Ever lovely, ever festive, adding any celebration the lofty air and embroidering any wedding with tenderness and romance. Is it possible to save some money here, too? Sure! Pick the flowers according to the season; the price will be dramatically lower. For instance, if your wedding is in June, then you are really lucky, and glamorous hydrangeas will garnish your wedding at ridiculously small price; they are really cheap when it’s their blossom time; and their considerable size will help you cut on the number of the blossoms needed.

So, all these little tricks will help you save your many without cutting down on the celebration splendor.