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Wedding in hotel Mediterraneo, Sorrento

Wedding in hotel Mediterraneo, Sorrento

Carol and Carl
Hotel Meditteraneo
Number of guests:
25.000 euros
September 2020

The beautiful couple Carol and Carl picked Sorrento as the venue for a symbolic wedding ceremony. This town has a cozy location on the shore of the Bay of Naples and offers impressive panoramic views of the Tyrrhenian Sea.

The town is luxuriant with evergreen Mediterranean plants, which, combined with narrow small streets, shaded alleys and authentic Italian architecture, create a magnificent backdrop for an elegant celebration.

The wedding was planned in the period January-February 2020, complicated for everyone by the difficult epidemiological and economic situation. The future newlyweds doubted for a long time and did not know until the last moment whether the wedding would take place, whether it would be possible to carry out all their plans. However, the couple did not lose heart and, in spite of all the obstacles and difficulties encountered during the preparation, did not turn off the planned path to get married in 2020

As a result, everything turned out in the best way.

The bride's getting ready in the presence of close relatives and friends took place at the hotel Mediterraneo. The hotel is located on top of a cliff, thanks to which its windows offer magnificent views of the Gulf of Sorrento and Mount Vesuvius. The rooms are distinguished by modern stylish furnishings and decorated in a characteristic Mediterranean style. The groom's gatherings with friends and parents were also fun and fervent. The refined details of the hotel's furnishings were used to get extraordinarily beautiful souvenir photos and videos.

The main palette in the style and decor of the wedding were white, gold, beige and sky blue. Textiles and furniture were set off by exquisite real buds and dried flowers. The ceremony itself took place on the picturesque terrace at the Hotel Mediterraneo with a magnificent view of the coast. A spectacular arch of dry and snow-white fresh flowers harmoniously complemented the atmosphere. As nightfall was approaching, the sun gave soft natural lighting, which added warmth and soul to the overall picture. The decor perfectly matched the elegant images of the couple. The touching ceremony took place in the presence of the closest ones, who, notwithstanding the difficult situation, were able to fly and share this important moment in their lives with the couple.

After the formal part, a light aperitif and snacks were waiting for the guests on the terrace. After that, a full-scale dinner was held, which echoed the main theme. Elegant compositions of spikelets, lunaria, foxtail, roses and lilies were installed on the table as decor details. Transparent wine glasses coquettishly shimmered, refracting the glare from the candlesticks.

The decor, thought out to the smallest detail, looked sophisticated and amazing in the rays of the sun before setting. The celebration ended with a fun party and the presentation of an amazingly delicious and beautiful three-tiered cake made to order in exact consistency with the prevailing style.

No, just a symbolic ceremony.

No, you can bring in any musicians. However, after 0, the administration insists on silence.

The hotel is able to accommodate up to 140 people. But the optimal number of guests for a wedding is considered to be no more than 120 people.