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Catholic Wedding in Positano, Amalfi Coast

Catholic Wedding in Positano, Amalfi Coast

Estency and Joseph
Hotel Marincanto
Number of guests:
24.000 euros
August 2022

Estency & Joseph chose  for their wedding Positano for its fascinating scenery and romantic italian atmosphere.

Everything about Positano exceeded their expectations from  the exquisite cuisine to  the charming  landscapes .  their wedding day was unforgettable experience as they  always dreamed.  Couple decided upon an elegant Italian elopement with only those close to them attending the celebrations.

The bride with her parents prepared for her special day in charming Villa Incanto of the hotel Marincanto.

Marincanto is located in the heart of Positano and offers glamorous views of the city and the magnificent sea.

This amazing venue is a magical setting for a intimate wedding in Positano.

The Catholic ceremony took place in the Church of Santa Maria Assunta that was founded in the 12th century.

The famed dome roofed church of Santa Maria Assunta  in Positano and it’s cliff side backdrop for most picture perfect setting in the world.  Undoubtedly, the ceremony was the most memorable part of their wedding day.

After the ceremony, on the rooftop terrace and with a breathtaking view of Positano and the sparkling Mediterranean waters Estency & Joseph  enjoyed an italian aperitif with their families.  

On its exclusive sea-view terrace of villa Incanto facing the most iconic view as the backdrop we created  classy and elegant imperial wedding setup that surpassed all, leaving guests in awe.

The terrace was adorned with lavish flowers and shimmering crystal chandeliers. Wedding design exuded grace, with exquisite blooms, flickering candles, and delicate gold details.

This wedding is everything - seriously stunning, perfectly intimate and overflowing.

No, just a symbolic ceremony.

Wedding in Hotel Marincanto is perfect for those who wish to have a suggestive and intimate ceremony with few (from 2 to 24) guests and offer them a unique experience in Italy.