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Getting married in Tuscany

Getting married in Tuscany

Julia and Vadim
Podere Vignalunga
Number of guests:
48.000 euros
June 2019

Italy, Tuscany, picturesque landscapes, cozy atmosphere, delicious cuisine, good mood and the closest people are close - Vadim and Julia immediately decided that their perfect wedding would be like this ...

From all the landscapes of Italy, we stopped at the enchanting fields of Tuscany. We wanted ourselves and for all our guests to feel as at home. We were fortunate almost immediately to find a suitable location - a complex of two comfortable villas with two pools, beautiful gardens, gorgeous views and charming terraces. Parents and family are in one villa, and friends in another. Everybody felt themselves as comfortable as possible and at the same time could get together and spend time together.

The wedding day was perfect. In the morning, my friends and I got ready and had fun in a beauty bar, and Vadim and his friends were sunbathing by the pool.

The ceremony was fabulous. Walked down the aisle with my dad, sincere emotions, joy and tears, reading oaths, congratulations to the most dear and beloved ... Every moment was unforgettable!

And then an elegant aperitif, a terrific dinner, dancing until the morning to the music and fantastic fireworks. I've already said that everything went like as in a fairy tale? :)

Tips from a couple

1 Panic less and don't over-focus on the details. Nobody will notice them anyway and everything will be amazing!

2 If you already have a certain picture of a wedding in your head - make your dreams come a true reality. Choose where the soul lies and what you really want. And of course, start from the chosen location.

3 Be sure to use the wedding planner. I can’t imagine how all this could be done by ourselves. Preparation for the wedding lasts about a year, on the wedding day you will be on your nerves anyway. AND if all this time someone else needs to be controlled and monitored for something, then without the planner, it will be very difficult. Better trust the professionals, and for each of yourselves, for minute enjoy the wedding!