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Destination wedding in Sorrento

Destination wedding in Sorrento

Nimah and Ian
Chiostro San Francesco, Hotel Mediterraneo
Number of guests:
28.000 euros
September 2018

The relaxed atmosphere and unique charm of Sorrento are a magnet for creative and talented people. Musician and romantic at heart, Ian and his beloved muse Nimah decided to seal their destination wedding in Sorrento union here and exchange vows.

Just like the entire wedding planning process, the wedding itself was fun and went smoothly, fully reflecting the character of the couple.

Ian and Nimah spent their wedding morning at the Mediterraneo Hotel, where their friends took an active part in the gathering - one stylist friend helped create the bride’s unmatched appearance, while another helped prepare the groom and the rest of the male company.

The official wedding ceremony took place in the 14th century Chiostro di San Francesco monastery, surrounded by a large gathering of family and friends. The most touching moment was the appearance of Nimah as she was walked dawn by her father to the music of the couple’s favorite song, performed live by a dear friend.

The gala dinner took place on Sorrento's panoramic terrace with endless views of the sea and Mount Vesuvius. The decor was kept in strict classical lines: white tulips and lilies, transparent glass and graceful mirrors emphasized the wedding’s elegance.

The celebration lasted until the very morning the next day amidst the glow of the night lights and to the music of a clockwork band, and the city became a gleaming witness to the best day in the lives of Ian and Nimah.