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Wedding of Nataly and Andrew in Ravello

Ravello Wedding will become the most memorable day in your life if you decide on this beautiful Italian place to form your happy union, be it symbolic or civil wedding. Amalfi coast offers many pearls among its towns and places and Ravello is definitely one of the best for a marriage ceremony and a honeymoon.

You dream of a Ravello wedding? WEDPLACE is out there to plan it for you!

Unlike many  wedding agencies, “WEDPLACE” is Italy based. We not only work in Amalfi Coast, but live here too, so we are well informed about all the latest novelties, fashions, prices and offers on everything in the wedding industry. Read more about how we work with you

Weddings in Ravello, arranged by WEDPLACE, are always exclusive for the ideas and spots we use to make your celebration unique. WEDPLACE will help to organise a wedding, and your memories of this event will live in your hearts forever.

Photo by Giovanni Somma

amalfi pier.
best photoshoot
happy newlyweds
Amalfi Cathedral
wedding photography in italy
before wedding
couple sitting after rain
bride amalfi bridal bouque
rings Poster-names-newlyweds rose petals
rawello floral arrangements
groom bride coming in
symbolic ceremony ceremony exchanging-rings

symbolic ceremony vila eva

 bride embracing father groom mother groomsman groom guests
just married
villa eva reception
ravelo wedding
amalfi coast wedding
musicmusical band
   dancing bride groom father             bride dancing father.
reception guests guests
first dance

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Video from the wedding


A Ravello wedding review from Andrey and Tatiana

Andrew and Tatiana, a young couple from Novosibirsk, Russia, share their wedding experience they had in Ravello, Italy, and thank Wedplace for planning and organization of their marriage:

We were planning to make a wedding with 20 guests in September! During May, June, July and August we sent requests to different wedding agencies. From the first answers we could see who was who. We were attracted to some by low prices, but the prices then grew and grew! Others didn’t answer our letters for days.

And in the middle of August when we were in total despair and beginning to consider postponing the wedding for a year, God sent Margarita to us! Having read her answer to our request, I understood at once that it was her that we were looking for! We hadn’t trodden this thorny path for nothing! She wrote the following: “There is very little time but I will do everything possible and impossible to make this day the happiest and most unforgettable day of your life!”

Margarita offered to organise our wedding on the Amalfi coast. We had heard about this place in Italy before but had never been there ourselves. It is a chain of picturesque Italian towns, spread over 40 km of shoreline. The Amalfi coast is the most beautiful of those that we have seen in our life! It’s under the protection of UNESCO as a world natural and cultural heritage site! There is a feeling that God created such a place specially for weddings!

Margarita suggested we have our ceremony in the villa Eva, in Ravello! A couple of words about Ravello: it’s a small town hovering on the high rock near the sea, with toy houses and streets. Town of indescribable beauty!

Preparing for our wedding was very easy because Margarita listened to our wishes very attentively. We felt that she was worried with us and tried to do everything in the best possible way. Her support was priceless for us, because nobody except her understood us, all the complexity of preparation for the wedding ceremony! Andrew and I even couldn’t believe that such people still exist! We thought that it was some trick or Margarita should be canonised!

On the day of our wedding, it was raining in the morning. It was so heavy that the sky was covered with clouds all day and there was not even a hint of a shaft of light! The beginning of the ceremony was set for 6 p.m. and in the afternoon we went to Amalfi town for a photo session outside the Cathedral. It wasn’t easy to relax because the rain didn’t stop. Margarita called us constantly, asked about our mood, and watched the weather on the Internet. It seemed that she was more worried than us!

After the photo session we went to villa Eva where we met with our Margarita. At that moment our miracle happened! In a second the lowering clouds drifted apart and the bright sun appeared and we saw the panorama of indescribable beauty! We were endlessly happy!
It’s difficult to find the words to describe how emotional and touching the ceremony was. It gave us goosebumps. We pronounced our oaths to each other. The fairytale panorama opened forth from the villa Eva, two rainbows appeared above the gulf after the rain, fairytale sounds of mandolins, candles, a sea of flowers – mystical atmosphere… A month has passed since the wedding and our guests still speak of it admiringly. In fact, the most important thing for us was that everybody enjoyed our day! And this is the merit of Wedplace. I don’t know how we can thank them. You are just an incredible team: responsive, understanding and endlessly helpful! I would like to mention Margarita separately. She is not just a talented organiser, she becomes part of every couple with whom she works. Her work and efforts are priceless! She managed to make our dream come true!

Planning wedding in Ravello

Andrew and Tatiana’s wedding took place in the amazing villa of Eva in the ancient town Ravello, famous for its thrilling panoramas. Unfortunately, the weather didn’t smile on us. It was cloudy right from the morning. The photo session of the newlyweds in Amalfi was under umbrellas, but imagine our surprise and delight when the couple arrived at the villa before the beginning of the ceremony and from behind the clouds the sun showered its beams! And not one but two rainbows appeared in the sky! This was the backdrop as Tatiana and Andrew exchanged oaths of love and loyalty under an arch of white roses, to the accompaniment of romantic mandolins.

After the congratulations of relatives and friends there was a buffet dinner with famous Italian aperitifs and snacks while musicians entertained the guests and newlyweds with traditional Italian songs. The banquet took place to the live music of a very talented Italian band, which gave to this evening endless happiness, dances, games and other surprises.

When the guys described what wedding they wanted, they said: “we want this holiday to surprise our guests”.

Tasty Italian food, live music, beautiful Italian voices and picturesque sceneries made this evening inimitable for Andrew and Tatyana and all their guests, from England, France, Bulgaria and Russia.