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Beautiful wedding pictures: tips from WEDPLACE

Planning a Sorrento wedding?

  Sorrento and the sea play a perfect background for any photos thanks to the bright colors, picturesque mountains and lush greenery. Wonderful sunny weather and welcoming locals will bless your wedding with warmth and positive cheerful atmosphere.

  You will need a photographer, and we are always ready to offer you our top professionals. However, no matter how good the photographer, a lot depends on how professionally you yourself “work” during the photo or videoshoot.

Use our tips and enjoy your photos:

  • Do not pose for the photographer, move naturally and freely
  • Smile, smile and smile! Genuine smiles are the best decorations for your photos.
  • Close your eyes when you kiss – it looks better in the photos
  • Don’t hurry, move smoothly, act without rush
  • Keep your posture, don’t slouch!
  • Forget your troubles, free yourself from care and get happy for the day – there are people for you to take care about everything else

Tips for the bride

  Beautiful puffy dresses look great and gracious but don’t forget that in summer this outfit is too hot to wear in Italy. Keep that in mind and give preference to light and comfortable dresses.

  Buy a stable pair of shoes as you will have to walk through cobblestone streets. This is not the type of pavement suitable for high stiletto heels. As an option, you might have a special comfy pair of shoes for your photoshoot only.

  Don’t use hair spray or makeup with glitter or sparkle as in the photos it turns out to be looking as dandruff and greasy spots, use matte makeup for professional photos.
As for the lips, it is better to use matte lipstick, because shining lipstick makes your lips look shapeless and inexpressive in the photos.

  Don’t forget to take powder and matting napkins to wipe your face if it gets shiny in the hot sun, especially if you have your wedding between July and September. 

  For shooting wedding preparations, look at the rooms you are going to use. It may seem obvious, but in fact, it always ends up showing wardrobe hangers and clothes scattered around, and those are definitely not the best background for your photos. You could remove those during the shoot, but isn’t it better to save time and do your room beforehand.

Photoshoot at the wedding ceremony

  • When exchanging rings, move elegantly, don’t rush, keep the rings open for the photographer to take good photos of them. Remember, the photographer and camera man need some time to shoot this memorable moment from various angles. And smile whatever happens, even if the ring is tight and you feel afraid it might slip, just smile!
  • Signing your marriage certificate do not lean on the table too low, or you’ll have to enjoy the backs of your heads on your photos only. Mind, you won’t have another chance to shoot this moment! When your other half puts their signature on the document, keep smiling, as you are going to be in the focus as well as them.
  • After all those official proceedings, exchange a beautiful kiss!

Ideas for a wedding photoshoot in Italy

  • Soap bubbles would sparkle with all colors against the blue sea and look amazing.
  • Lace parasol and a hand fan are elegant accessories to contribute to the Italian atmosphere of the wedding and save your from the sun.
  • Italy is famous for its Gellato (icecream), which is a perfect refreshment after several hours of photoshoot. In addition, it looks very romantic when the bride and the groom treat each other to ice cream.

These ideas are easy to use and they will make your photos more intriguing and diverse. You might invent something as well just make it simple. 2-3 ideas are enough for the photoshoot!

Photoshoot spots in Sorrento

  Plan your wedding photoshoot route before the wedding. Don’t try to have everything in one day – summer heat and burning sun are not the best conditions to rush through the streets and wait in traffic jams. You can take most of your photos in one spot without much moving around.

We offer you the most beautiful spots for your wedding photoshoot.

Via Maio is in fact a huge gorge, dividing Sorrento into halves, and it looks wonderful in the photos.

A picturesque fishers’ area in Marina Grande combines the beauties of the sea, the old quay and the colorful boats that look atmospheric in your wedding photos.


The best landmark in Sorrento is the seafront, famous for Caruso’s musical evenings that he arranged here. The bright blue sea and the view of Vezuvius will make your photos look vibrant and unique.


St. Francesco’s patio – St. Francesco’s patio – is a popular wedding and photoshoot spot famous for its arches and lush greenery.


The remarkable Parco Dei Principi is a perfect green background for your photos.

Have a stroll along the old Sorrento streets and find unique shots just for the two of you!


Don’t forget about a romantic photo against the sea sunset at the end of your wedding day.


Enjoy your photoshoot!


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