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Ischia symbolic wedding

You decided on a symbolic wedding ceremony in Italy. Ischia Island is the paradise you will appreciate as soon as you get here! We made it for Andrey and Natalia: they are now a happily married couple who will keep their Ischia memories forever fresh and vivid.

Plan your symbolic wedding with Dolce Vita

Unlike the majority of wedding agencies, “Dolce Vita” is based in Italy all year round. We not only work here, but live here too, so we are well informed about all the latest novelties, fashions, prices and offers on everything in the wedding industry. Read more about how we work with you

Weddings in the island of Ischia, Italy, arranged by Dolce Vita, are always exclusive for the ideas and spots we use to make your celebration unique. Dolce Vita will help to organise a wedding, and your memories of this event will live in your hearts forever.

Photo by Anna Efgrafova

ischia symbolic ceremony
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groom bride photoshoot
couple couple embracing
italian islans happy newlyweds
groom bride ischia
 bridal bouquet ischia
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ischia wedding
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Review of Nataly and Andrew

Dear Margarita,

We would like to thank you and your remarkable team for the wedding we were happy to have in Ischia Island, the most wonderful place on the Earth. The feelings we had then are still here with us when we keep browsing through every minute of this glorious day as if reading a favourite book.
This was a hot day in every respect! Due to your professionalism and assistance we experienced joy and happiness at its full on this day. We admire your work and are so very grateful for saving us from a lot of headaches we would’ve had if we’d done everything ourselves! Without you, our wedding wouldn’t be as wonderful and happy as it turned out to be.

Love and hugs,
Nataly and Andrew

The couple chose to have their symbolic wedding on Ischia –  a picturesque green volcanic island in the Tyrrhenian Sea. It sits at the northern end of the Gulf of Naples, about 30 kilometres (19 miles) from the Naples. Nataly and Andrey fell in love with this place many years ago, so they didn’t hesitate which spot to choose – it was here, where they spent their first vacation together as a couple.

Ischia symbolic wedding: rustic and romantic

The Ischia wedding ceremony was arranged by Dolce Vita on a villa on a beautiful green lawn with a view of the sea. The villa offered accommodation for the couple and their guests, who could enjoy the atmosphere of an traditional Ischia mansion.

It took us quite a time to choose the wedding theme with the bride, and after Nataly had browsed through all existing options, we realized that none of them was good enough for us. Most of all, the bride liked the pure simplicity of a rustic style with its burlap and linen details, but at the same time she wanted something romantic, delicate and exquisite… We were at a loss, but finally we worked out a perfect decision!

Nataly chose a bouquet of delicate white and pink peonies that best matched her romantic image.

On the wedding spot on Ischia we installed a floral arch for the symbolic ceremony, decorated with pink hydrangea and white fabrics. The couple had a touching beautiful ceremony with rustic mandolin music and the blue sea as the background. After the ceremony, the newlyweds together with their guests had an magnificent wedding photoshoot under the arch, against the breathtaking view of the horizonless sea.

The wedding reception was arranged at a restaurant in one of the most exotic gardens of Ischia with 5000 plants of more than 400 kinds. Huge cacti and palms, singing birds and walking peacocks were a striking experience for the guests and served a perfect background for another wedding photoshoot.

On arrival at the island, Nataly and Andrey were offered traditional Ischia starters laid on pineapple and watermelon bark, creatively cut in the shapes of little boats and swans.

We used rustic style elements in wedding table decoration, which ideally matched the interior of the restaurant itself. We joined the roughness of burlap with the subtlety of handmade lace in table garments: the chair wedding bows, the table runner, tableware bags (and, by the way, the wedding ring bearer pillow as well!) were all made of this exquisite combination of fabrics.

Floral decoration of the table included delicate white hydrangeas in straw boxes with many candles everywhere. It was exactly what Andrey and Nataly had dreamed of for their wedding in Ischia, Italy.


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