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Heidi and Jason

Shortly after getting engaged Jason (my fiance) and I discussed the option of getting married in Italy. It had always been a dream of his to get married in there. I was tossed up about if I wanted the opportunity of a life time to get married in the most romantic country or if I wanted a big wedding at home in the states with my family and friends. After much discussion and weighing out the pro's and cons we were bound for Italy!

I initially went into planning our wedding on my own. How hard could it be ? To me, our wedding felt more like a glorified dinner with our closest family and friends so there shouldn't be too much to plan. I started looking for venues, photographers, makeup artist etc. I learned quickly it was not as easy as I in-visioned to plan a wedding over seas. I needed a wedding planner! ….. Enter in my fairy Godmother Margarita (Margo) Khrapach with «Wedplace» Wedding Agency.

From the first contact I had with Margrita at «Wedplace» I knew I was in great hands and I made the right choice with hiring her to plan my special day. Margo and I started corresponding a year before our wedding was to take place. She listened to my wants and needs and ALWAYS got back to me within 24 hours. Our time change was a 12 hour difference and I loved that she was always quick and kind to respond at all hours of the day. I was so anxious to get things planned and felt like I needed to do somethings on my own so I felt like I was involved in the planning from thousands of miles away. That was a HUGE mistake!

I found my own photographer(Francese Photography) and hair and makeup artist on Instagram. I shared their information with Margo and she shared her thoughts of them after seeing some of their work and reviews. She was not impressed with the woman I hired for hair and makeup. Unfortunately I did not take her advise and look for another artist. I had already hired the hair/makeup artist and paid for all of her services upfront before consulting with Margo. I was not thrilled with her work but she was in the right price range, was available the day we needed her and I figured I could always fix my makeup myself if it didn't turn out well.

We were scheduled for a trial hair and makeup October 1st. I received a email from Jimena (my hair and makeup artist) that she needed to travel to visit her sick mother and she moved the trail to the 3rd. Our wedding was on the 4th. Jason and I were now in Italy awaiting our big day. I received another email from her On October 1st that her mother had passed away and she would not be able to provide me with her services. She said she had coordinated two of her assistants to come and do our hair and makeup but there would not be a trial.

I lost my father not too long ago so I completely understood and was empathetic for her loss. I immediately contacted my wedding planner Margarita and told her what was going on. She asked me to give her a few hours, she had an idea and would be back in touch with me. Hours later I spoke with Margo and she said she lined up a new makeup artist (Ira) and her husband (Kir) who is also a photographer (www.kirandiraphotography.com) would come save the day. I let Jimena know I would no longer be needing her services and requested a refund.

I can not even begin to put into words how gorgeous I looked! Margo was spot on when she found Ira! Her work is amazing! She made myself and bridal party look and feel beautiful. Because of the situation we were never even had a trial before the wedding but I was not worried. I trusted Margo and knew everything would turn out perfect.

Ira's husband Kir is also a professional photographer. He brought his camera with and offered to take photos of our special day for free. How many girls can say they had 2 photographers at their wedding ! I was completely awed by the beauty he created in each of our pictures.

Not only does Margo have great taste for beauty but she has an amazing eye for décor. Margo hired “In love at the alter” for all of our wedding décor, flowers and arrangements. When asked what I in-visioned for my wedding décor I told them a Romantic theme with my bridal colors. What I received was something out of a fairy-tale. My flowers were absolutely BREATH TAKING! The design they created at the alter is indescribable. The venue where we got married even commented how gorgeous the set up was and they had never seen such a beautiful alter.

My guests were AWE of the amazing ceremony that Margo created for us. We had professional musicians who played while I walked down the isle and after the vows for a light happy hour. My wedding was the most perfect day and I would NEVER have been able to create such beauty without Margo. Margo is my fairy Godmother. She took my vision and made it not only a dream come true but an evening that both myself and my guests will never forget. Margo saved the day on several occasions with my hair, makeup and photographers. She listened to my needs, wants and concerns. She supported me the whole way through my engagement and planning. She never let distance, time zones, or any other thing get in the way of our communication and planning our perfect day. If I can give one piece of advise to future brides who hire a wedding planner. Let the planner take control and trust them. They are a professional for a reason. They have resources, reviews and personal experience that you don't. I tried to take things into my own hands and it backfired. Relax, enjoy the process and breathe!

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