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Elopement in Ravello

Elopement in Ravello

Adelia and Ruslan
Giardini di Piemonte, hotel Palazzo
Number of guests:
8.000 euros
August 2018

Ravello is a small town with fantastic views of the Amalfi Coast. It is known for its panoramic terraces, exquisite gardens and beautiful atmosphere. It was this paradise that Adelia and Ruslan chose for their wedding.

Planning a wedding for such a harmonious and beautiful couple was a great pleasure. A very feminine and delicate Adelia, courageous and reliable Ruslan and their open and cheerful friends immediately set an easy and positive attitude to the whole process.

The organization of the official ceremony in Ravello took only 2 months. Despite the short time and being in the midst of the wedding season, we managed to book an amazing date: the first of August, with a convenient time to register at a beautiful location. We processed all the necessary documents on time and without the presence of the couple.

The wedding day was thought out to the smallest and most pleasant details. The bride's gathering took place at the Amore Villa. Adelia was very excited before the ceremony, but the cozy atmosphere and perfectly chosen image helped her to relax and enjoy the preparation.

The ceremony with a small number of participants, four closest friends, took place in the Princess PieMONT Gardens - the most romantic place in Ravello for bonding feelings. Adelia and Ruslan exchanged vows on a picturesque terrace with elegant decor and open views of the coast.

After the ceremony, the happy newlyweds danced in the square to the sounds of street musicians and then went on a sailing trip with friends.

In the evening, a cozy dinner awaited them in Ravello, surrounded by fragrant flowers and golden decor.

"It exceeded all our expectations!" - Adelia and Ruslan shared such impressions after the wedding with great gratitude to everyone who took part in organizing their celebration.