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Villa wedding in Amalfi coast

Villa wedding in Amalfi coast

Eugenia and Alex
Amalfi coast
Giardini Principessa di Piemonte, Palazzo Suriano
Number of guests:
16.000 euros
June 2019

Ravello is a quiet and charming town nestled in the foothills of the Italian countryside. It's famous for its architectural heritage, a blend of styles from many cultures. The merging of endless sea and sky, verdant gardens and centuries-old structures provide the perfect backdrop for a wedding in an atmosphere of sophisticated glamour.

The getting rady took place in the beautiful Villa Palazzo Suriano, located on the Amalfi Coast and boasting a picturesque terrace overlooking the Salerno Bay. The authentic villa, with its fantastic interiors and furnishings and sumptuous panoramas, was the perfect setting for the pre-wedding photos.

Eugenia and Alexander chose Giardini principessa di Piemonte as the venue for the official ceremony. The narrow streets leading to the gardens exude Italian charm. The views of the Amalfi Coast from the top are incredible. The site attracts hundreds of couples from all over the world.

The Giardini Principessa di Piemonte, due to its natural appeal, required little decoration. In the decoration, the designer stuck to delicate shades of pink combined with elegant gold and dried flowers. The ceremony took place in a small circle of the closest relatives.

The official part was followed by a photo session in the picturesque alleys and dazzling gardens of Ravello, which resonated with a profusion of colors. The party proceeded to the Villa Palazzo Suriano for a gala dinner. Elegantly decorated table with exquisite serving and elaborate details was the logical conclusion of one of the magical days in the life of Eugenia and Alexander. Live music accompaniment of guitar and Mandolin, traditional Neapolitan instruments, was chosen as accompaniment for the evening. A touch of intimacy and chamberiness was added to the atmosphere after sunset by the lighting of the garlands.