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A Wedding in Positano with Dolce Vita

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Photo by Giovanni Somma

Katherine and Slava had their civil ceremony wedding in Positano and shared with us their impressions and memories.

We chose Italy for our wedding as we both love Italian cuisine and have long intended to visit this remarkable country. We wanted to have our wedding ceremony on 7, July, 2014. Italy is the perfect country with many beautiful places including mountains and sea, which I wanted so much to be part of our wedding. First thing you get when you type in search “wedding in Italy” is a list of wedding agencies. After browsing through several websites, I realized that our budget is not sufficient for paying their services…

I looked through hundreds of photos and reviews to decide finally on a small town in Amalfi Coast named Positano. In February I emailed Positano community to inquire if there was an opportunity for getting married in Positano, they replied that the only time they had on that date was 6-30 or 7 pm and it would have cost 1500 euros. I was disappointed as the price was too high to pay for hiring the wedding spot and the civil ceremony itself. Surely, compared to Como, which I had considered an option, it was much less expensive.

At this moment, I found Margarita, who lives in Italy and helps couples to have their wedding dreams come true. Her wedding planner agency charges a lot less than the majority of such companies. I don’t know how she managed to get earlier hours for us on the same date and just for 600 euros! We were happy about it and without hesitation booked 4 pm 7 July for our wedding ceremony on a terrace with an amazing view of the sea in Positano community.
Among many professional wedding photographers offered by Margarita, we picked the local photographer Giovanni whose works seemed full of sense and magic, free from artificial postures or Photoshop tricks.

Margarita took to decorating the terrace and arranging the bridal bouquet, as well as booking a boat trip at sunset and many other important details.

Meanwhile we set on how to get to Positano. There is no direct communication between Salerno and Poristano. First you have to reach Amalfi to change for Positano. So here we had a real problem as Italians are not good at English and we were not good at Italian! We took the wrong bus and found ourselves somewhere in the mountains instead of the shore. Margarita really saved us, sending her friend to pick and give us a lift to Positano. Thanks to that, we could make it in time for giving in our documents and settling the last formalities with the community.

When we finally met Margarita, she turned out to be a nice and very energetic young lady who tackled us right away with discussing the timetable for the wedding day and all details to be sure everything goes smooth. She was also going to interpret for us at the civil ceremony (in case you don’t know – according to Italian law if one of the partners is a foreigner there should be an interpreter at the wedding). Everything was ready and we all were anticipating the wedding…
After the civil wedding ceremony in Positano Comuna, we had a photoshoot on the terrace, drank some champagne and tried a few little cakes (I forgot their names). Then we went for a walk around the town with the photographer and his assistants, who were very nice.

We had a walk of beautiful Positano and proceeded to the seashore where a small yacht was awaiting to take us on a trip along the seaside and land on one of the isolated picturesque beaches. The beach was empty and we had a wonderful photo session. We waited for the sea sunset, which was fantastic to observe from the yacht nose with glasses of sparkly in our hands.

After the sunset, we were taken to Positano beach where we released balloons and a Chinese flashlight. That’s how our remarkable day came to an end. This day was perfect thanks to Margarita and her assistants who made it so ideal and memorable.

In my opinion, our wedding trip turned perfect and, I would say, resultative – we are now bringing up our little daughter.)))


Dolce Vita arranged a civil wedding in Positano for Kate and Slava

The main colours of the Positano civil wedding were blue, violet and of course white. Everything was in these colours, from the groom’s boutonniere to the arch of live hydrangeas.

The official civil ceremony of this modest and charming couple took place in one of the post panoramic terraces of the town of Positano where the main decorations were the powerful mountains and clear blue sea.

However, the main spark of the Positano civil wedding was the sincere excitement and happiness of Ekaterina and Vyacheslav. Our newlyweds were so overwhelmed with emotion that everyone around us felt their love in the air. Even the town’s mayor was inspired by the romantic mood and ordinary official ceremony turned into an unusually touching event after which they were walking and taking pictures against the background of famous Positano.

We then organised an unforgettable sea walk on the yacht where everybody could enjoy the amazing beauty of the Italian scenery and champagne with various traditional snacks and fruits.

At the conclusion of the evening Katya and Slava flew balloons into the darkening sky on one of the most famous beaches of Italy. And of course they made a wish, sending off a Chinese lantern skywards. We can guess that this wish was to return here at one of their anniversaries…


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