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A small wedding in Sorrento, Italy

Plan your wedding at Amalfi Coast with Dolce Vita

Unlike the majority of wedding agencies, “Dolce Vita” is based in Italy all year round. We not only work here, but live here too, so we are well informed about all the latest novelties, fashions, prices and offers on everything in the wedding industry. Read more about how we work with you

Weddings in Sorrento, Amalfi Coast Italy, arranged by Dolce Vita, are always exclusive for the ideas and spots we use to make your celebration unique. Dolce Vita will help to organise a wedding, and your memories of this event will live in your hearts forever.

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Karina and Artem’s review of Dolce Vita wedding planner work

Dear Rita!

We are home))) I want to thank you one more time for all your efforts, for your approach to business… for everything. We would like to express deepest gratitude from the family Teplitz to you and your team.

We began to prepare for our wedding almost a year in advance, so we had the opportunity to discuss everything up to the smallest details - but even in this you exceeded our expectations. Everything was perfect, from our mood and impressions of the choice of the country and town, to the organisation of our ceremony and dinner. It’s so pleasant when somebody organises your holidays as attentively as if they were his own. Thanks for your professional, attentive approach to every detail and advice!!! It was ideal and better than we imagined - our delight has no limits. I can’t get used to the idea that I shouldn’t write to you every time I need to discuss something! You are used to hearing gratitude but I can’t find words to describe how magnificent everything was. Rita, I love you and wish you happiness, health, harmony to your Italian family. You are my fairy, I express enormous gratitude to you! Let’s keep in contact!

Special thanks to Lena for her very responsible approach to the event and for having her dress sewn especially for it - it really fitted the tone gamma of the ceremony. We couldn’t have imagined that everything would be so fine and sincere. You are real professionals and just good people. Our emotions from the wedding will remain with us for our whole life!!! Enormous gratitude from the whole family:* (Artem and Karina Teplitz).

Karina and Artem had a small but exquisite wedding in Sorrento, and here we present you how we planned and arranged their symbolic marriage.

As a rule wedding preparations start with a bride’s email request to arrange a memorable event, but this time it was different. We got a request from the groom who was the one to initiate the search for a good wedding planner in Italy. Artem emailed us to inquire what we could offer for a small wedding in Italy.

The couple chose Sorrento for their ceremony, one of the most favorite among our clients.

Sorrento, offers everything for an ideal Italian wedding: wonderful views of the sea and the mountains, exquisite restaurants with irreproachable Italian cuisine and the bright Mediterranean Sun.

The most difficult thing about wedding preparation – and this one was not an exception – is the choice of a wedding spot and a restaurant for a wedding reception. Some were very beautiful but too pompous, suitable more for a classic conservative couple, some were too big for the small wedding with the close ones. After quite a search, Karina and Artem decided on an amazing 5-star hotel with a huge terrace having a gorgeous view of the sea on Sorrento coast. Their guests were invited to stay in the hotel for the wedding.
After the location for the wedding and contract details were set, Karina stepped in to start all other wedding preparations. White and violet became the major colors of the Sorrento wedding, to be used in every décor and detail including invitations, flowers and other little things that make any wedding stylish and perfect.

The bride was still not sure about the wedding spot. As we felt stuck, Karina started browsing through our website and came across an ancient villa in Sorrento, which she fell in love with instantly. This historic villa at Sorrento coast could not arouse anything else but admiration for its charm and genuine Italian atmosphere. At this point, the couple decided to change the wedding spot: they were still going to stay in the hotel, but the ceremony and reception were to be set in the fairytale villa.

The ceremony was arranged here: that’s what it looked like when we first arrived to see it. I will spare you the long story of how we chose fabrics, had all details and decorations made, but I will share with you the result of our work.

Karina and Artem’s Small Wedding in Sorrento

The wedding ceremony was very touchy, romantic and merry (yes, merry!). After the newlyweds pronounced their Si in the beautiful terrace, they, together with their close ones enjoyed the cooled champagne and little appetizers.

Karina and Artem continued their celebration with an amazing photoshoot in Sorrento against the wonderful background of its streets and squares.
When the couple returned to the villa they had a delicious traditional Italian dinner: spaghetti with seafood and many other tasty dishes!


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