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A Rustic Italian: a wedding review from Tasha and Grisha

Plan your wedding in Italy in advance with Dolce Vita wedding agency

If you would like to choose Italy as the place for your marriage ceremony, Dolce Vita is there for you to help you plan and organize everything! We work on a turnkey basis and provide all necessary wedding services to our customers.

Unlike many wedding agencies, “Dolce Vita” is Italy based. We not only work in Amalfi Coast, but live here too, so we are well informed about all the latest novelties, fashions, prices and offers on everything in the wedding industry. Read more about how we work with you

Weddings in Ravello, arranged by Dolce Vita, are always exclusive for the ideas and spots we use to make your celebration unique. Dolce Vita will help to organise a wedding, and your memories of this event will live in your hearts forever.

Photo by Anna Efgrafova

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Wedding in Italy
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Rustic wedding

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Video from the wedding

Review from Tasha and Grisha

Dolce Vita planned and organised a beautiful rustic style wedding for Tasha and Grisha, who dreamed of having their marriage in Amalfi Coast. They share their memories and impressions, including ideas of how to choose a wedding planner:

Rita helped us with the organisation of our wedding on 14th of July 2014 in Kuma, not far from Naples, in the South of Italy.

What can I say? Rita was sent to us by God! At first, I had a few doubts about hiring a planner. My future husband and I had experience of organising trips to Asia and Europe. I was sitting looking at brides’ websites for days and thought that I would be able to organise a wedding for 9 people. I couldn’t even imagine how wrong I was! Having spoken with the groom we decided to trust Rita and leave nothing to chance!

During the six months, while we were planning our ceremony with her, we not only organised the wedding but became friends. This can happen when a person understands your every word, and it means that you can realise your plans =) At first, Rita offered many options of place for the ceremony, among which there was our villa. She went to the owner, made arrangements about different conditions, sent me real pictures of the place, because pictures on websites don’t always give a realistic representation. Rita prepared our holiday with warmth and understanding. She herself offered to embroider a strip for the table and cases for the settings; she bought candles and sweets, ordered the bouquet, the boutonniere, the wreath, wooden plates, bottles for the flowers… it’s difficult to list everything! I ordered many decorations from China and without fear had them sent to her address in Italy. Also, we ordered a garland of lamps from America and Rita had a torrid time trying to find a current transformer but, eventually, she found it!

Of course, I couldn’t but invite Rita to be a guest on our holiday. But even as a guest while my groom and I were at the photo session, Rita managed to organise the guests and together they decorated the garden and table for the dinner.

Of course, my review wouldn’t be complete if I wrote only about positive things. There were also failures. For example, the Italian master decided that on the wooden plates that we ordered our names should have been written in black (!) paint! It’s terrible! And Rita firmly repainted the plates in white. As a result it was better than we planned, tasteful and very sincere. The combination of the beauty of Southern Italy (oh, there were lemon trees and olive groves!), comfortable climate (we were very happy with the weather) and my favourite small towns on the Amalfi coast (we had photo sessions in Ravello and Sorrento), made our wedding unforgettable.

In summary, I want to thank Margarita and Enrico for performing their work so conscientiously, for their cordial attitude to our problems and wishes, for their ideas and their implementation! Without them we wouldn’t have managed!

Amalfi Coast rustic wedding plan from Dolce Vita

The wedding of this beautiful couple, Tasha and Grisha, took place in June 2014 in Amalfi Coast. We were preparing for this unusual wedding in Rustic style for a long time.
After long searches for the ideal place, the couple decided on an unusual villa in the small town of Pozzuoli near Naples. The amazing English design and the beauty of Italian plants and scenery really impressed the couple.

The main colours of the wedding became white, pink and brown. We picked these colours for the bride and groom and also used them in the wedding décor. From December, onwards we were discussing, creating and thinking through all the small but so important details. The result was much better than we expected!

A symbolic ceremony took place in the shadow of lemon trees, amidst a group of the couples’ closest friends. After congratulations, the groom, bride and guests proceeded to the most delicious dinner prepared in compliance with the traditions of Southern Italian cuisine, exquisite dishes which everyone enjoyed. The evening was continued by dances and Italian dessert on the roof of the villa decorated with a special garland which added yet more romantic atmosphere to this special wedding.

Preparation for the wedding took 7 months. This is quite a long time, so when you plan your wedding abroad, you should keep in mind that you will need a lot of preparations and also many alterations to what was initially set.


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