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Botanical garden wedding: Alena and Dmitry

Such wedding is a perfect choice for romantic couples who prefer the riches of the nature to urban exquisites. Country style, amazing contrast of white and green, lush garden flowery decorations and fresh Italian air – botanical garden wedding is going to be unique and original for the two of you.

Photo by Mixail Lebedkin

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Alena and Dmitry’s review

September 15, 2015, our wedding day, for which we had been preparing for most of 2015! Just a couple of hours before the New Year 2015 my husband proposed to me, it was so romantic – kneeling, a ring, a secluded place in the park with just the two of us, tears of joy – just as the Big Ben chimed. We were celebrating New Year of 2015 in London, and started the wedding preparations right after we returned home. We instantly decided that a classic wedding is not our choice, and were thinking of some way to have the wedding abroad. After plenty of various ideas and hot arguments, and even some discords, a friend of mine accidentally met a Russian girl on the internet, who had moved to the south of Italy by some circumstance about 10 years ago. As it turned out, Margot (that’s the name of the girl) owned a wedding agency in Italy… so, after a few phone conversations it was all set – we are getting married in Italy, in the sunny town of Sorrento!

When the main issue, the paperwork, was resolved and the wedding date was officially appointed, then the most pleasant part began – choosing the bridal dress, the suit for the groom, picking a banquet hall. We decided that the ceremony will be held in the cloister of the Church of Saint Francesco D’Assisi.

It was a Botanic wedding – so the location with its lush vegetation fitted our concept just perfectly, the place was full of greenery and white flowers, Italian romantics entangled with country style, Italian musicians played mandolins, the atmosphere was literally beyond words.

The whole preparation process took 7 months. Together with Margot, the agency’s owner, we prepared and booked everything necessary for the banquet and the official ceremony in Sorrento beforehand, so all we had to do was to board the plane ) We arrived with a three day allowance to settle all the remaining paperwork and to get ready there and then.

When the day arrived, I woke up with fever… Maybe for the stress, maybe the night swimming was out of turn… but there we were. Of course, my parents came to the rescue with all the medicine they had prudently brought along. I remember our bridal procession in a terrible Moscow-like jam - my sister, my nephews and myself – that was totally unexpected, and I was good 20 minutes late for my own wedding. I didn’t mean it, but my fiancé was all nerves when we arrived. When at last we were near St. Fransesco’s, I virtually sprinted to the doors!

To tell the truth, I barely remember that moment, when we finally entered the cloister… I noticed some blue spot ahead, that was my fiancé in his blue jacket… and I told myself “switch off, it’s ok now, this way”.

My girlfriends told me later “you did not walk; you were floating, with that smile past your ears”. I can imagine that… I was incredibly happy! The happiest on Earth!

The ceremony did not end quickly; it turned out that under the Italian law we had to hear through all those regulations, extracts from the marital law, all the mutual responsibilities and duties, all those things.

And then there were hugs from everyone around, and the photo shoot on the seafront, and kisses, and “Now a kiss!”, and more kisses, and champagne – the joy and happiness overflowed everyone! Passers-by surprised us taking pictures of us and cheering, as if the whole of Sorrento celebrated the day.

All the decorations were hand-made by Margarita and her assistants, that was terrific! Our childhood photos, pictures of our life together, olive twigs, superb flower dressings – everything I had been dreaming of!

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